Please read the following carefully and take on board what I am trying to say to you and do for you. I have been told many times that it is impossible to make money from betting on favourites. I beg to differ. I have been happily banking profits from favourite betting for a long time. Horses are at the head of the market for a reason. It is generally accepted that year on year, favourites win approx. 30% of races. Now, unless you bet at 5/2 or better level stakes on each favourite, you are going to lose money. Of course, it’s not possible to get 5/2 on each favourite. So, you must be selective with the favourites you bet on.

And that is the first part of my plan – Selectivity.

The next part of the plan is a betting bank. A sum of money you can afford to LOSE. Yes, LOSE. There are no guarantees in sport betting. No magic wand to wave to make certain of profit. It’s a gamble. It’s a risk. But, if you get it right, you can profit from the sport you love. I make no promise that I will get it right all of the time, but long term, it generally works out in my favour.

Next up is a staking plan. Because of the high strike rate usually associated with my bets, we can afford a more aggressive approach. In this case, stake per selection is 10% of a rolling bank.

Next, we TAKE OUT PROFIT !! Yes, as the bank doubles, or near to doubling, take out your profit and revert to your original bank, and start over again. If the bank doubles again within the month, take out more profit and revert back to the original bank. And so on.

And, finally, STAY DISCIPLINED. With each new month, start a new bank.